chrisbutler's Journal

Chris Butler
25 March
Chris Butler is a writer living on the south coast of England. Has published two books, the novel Any Time Now (Piraco Town Books), and the novella The Flight of the Ravens (Immersion Press / Piraco Town Books) which was shortlisted for the BSFA Best Short Fiction Award. His short fiction has received honourable mention in the Year's Best Science Fiction (ed Dozois) and in the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (ed Datlow/Link/Grant).

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Short Stories:
The Animator - Interzone #245 (March/April 2013) and The Best British Fantasy 2014 (July 2014)
Steam Horse - The Immersion Book of Steampunk (September 2011)
Tell Me Everything - Interzone #233 (March/April 2011)
Have Guitar, Will Travel - The Immersion Book of SF (September 2010)
The Festival of Tethselem - Interzone #224 (September/October 2009)
The Whaleblimp Herder - Futures section in Nature (September 2008)
Stone and Stage - Fabulous Whitby anthology (July 2008)
Like Leaves Falling - A Dick and Jane Primer for Adults (July 2008)
Angel Feedback - Scheherazade #30 (March 2008)
The 128th Waveform - Quercus One anthology (February 2008)
The Turn - Asimov's Science Fiction magazine (October/November 2007)
Songs Of The Dead (co-written by Sarah Singleton) - GUD #0 (Spring 2007)
Smog City - Odyssey magazine (April 2006)
The Tranquil Sea - Odyssey magazine (February 2006)
The Forest of Pixels - Odyssey magazine (October 2005)
Cuckoo - Interzone #191 (September 2003)
The Smart Minefield - Interzone #185 (January 2003)
One Last Look at a Half-Moon - Albedo One #25 (June 2002)
Wintertime on Frasch - Strange Pleasures anthology (August 2001)
The Tyndall Effect - Albedo One #22 (November 2000)
Living In Her Shadow - Enigmatic Tales #10 (October 2000)